Commisions are open!

2013-02-04 15:47:13 by Elcamaron

Alright guys, that day has finally come.

While I am hired as a Pharmacy Tech. the amount of work I'm getting just isn't cutting it. I've got school loans and rent to pay so I've decided to finally open my doors for commissions. If you have any characters you would like done or just want something drawn. Give me a holler through PM!

What I'll do!:

All OC's ranging from almost any genre, be it Mech, Fantasy, or Urban
If you need a logo, no pressure, I'll handle that too!

Fan art from any series ranging from TV, Comics, and Video Games.

What I WON'T do!:

No Pornography
No Offensive or Hateful Imagery


Gore (BUT keep in mind I won't draw self mutilation or homicidal imagery only Fighting Gore)
Couples aka Ships ( but nothing nasty guys, read the rules!)

If you have any questions or concerns just message me privately! I don't bite!

All transactions are done through my paypal account, when your art is finished I will accept payment and then send your art via email.


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